Timeout New York: Check Out This stunning New Rooftop Pool Club

There are a few things New Yorkers can’t get enough of in the summer: Escaping the city on weekends, leisurely afternoons relaxing in a park and—perhaps most of all—rooftop pools. Combining our love of standing on top of buildings with the joy we get from plunging into a large amount of water and escaping sweaty New York days, hitting up a rooftop pool is the crown jewel experience of any summer weekend spent in the city. Now, there’s an impressive new addition to your sky-high aquatic options.

Opening Memorial Day Weekend, The Sentry is a new pool that can be found on the top level of the American Copper Buildings on the far east side of Manhattan. You probably recognize the SHoP-designed copper towers as those two buildings that look like they’re leaning towards one another while soaring over the FDR. (FYI: The Development Group behind the residential skyscrapers says that they’re “dancing.” Good to know!) The buildings also boast a skybridge connecting the two towers which is the highest in the city.